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Meet Dr. Joe Kasper, founder of the Kasper Institute

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The Kasper Institute was born from a passion within Joe Kasper, Ph.D. to help people of all ages, backgrounds and experiences achieve their healthiest, fullest lives.

Dr. Joe’s ground-breaking work as a master health coach, exercise therapist, author, and unforgettable motivational speaker has impacted thousands over the past 20 years.

He is the creator of the renowned Fire Your Diet Food Pyramid and the highly effective 22-Minute Workout. Dr. Joe also developed his own customized line of vitamins containing carefully analyzed herbs that meet the highest standards for quality. His one-of-a-kind, intensive three-day retreat at the Kasper Institute consistently transforms people’s health for a lifetime.

For Dr. Joe, it’s all about helping individuals see results. His proven tools are motivation, resistance exercise, cardiovascular training, rehabilitation, and nutrition. His clients come from all walks of life and have ranged in age from four to 92. They consistently see their health and lives improved with his help and expertise.

Dr. Joe takes his high-energy training to events, companies, schools and community centers across the country. He holds semi-annual weekend health events and coaches personal clients by phone and in person.

Additional experience and training:

  • Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology Cortland State, NY
  • Master’s Degree in Physical Education with a specialty in Exercise Science, Radford University, VA
  • Master’s Degree in Education and Health, Radford University, VA
  • Ph.D. in Holistic Nutrition, Clayton College of Natural Health, AL; graduated cum laude
  • Doctoral training specializing in Human Performance, Capella University, MN
  • Doctoral training specializing in Aquatic Therapy, Middle Tennessee State University
  • Post-graduate training in Special Populations, University of Wisconsin
  • Former professional baseball player
  • Author of more than 100 published articles, studies, professional opinion statements, and dissertations on the subjects of exercise, health, fitness, weight management, rehabilitation, and physical conditioning

“Dr. Joe Kasper has taught me more about health than any health professional in the world. He is a true health pioneer.”

-Ed Zimbardi, Braselton, GA

  “Joe Kasper is a man you do not want to be without. He will take you to new heights of self-assuredness, profit, and happiness.

-Dr. Paul Aaron, Chapel Hill, NC

  “Joe Kasper is an incredible human being. He is a man of integrity and passion. Joes’ approach to diet and exercise is no-nonsense and effective.”

-Susan Sly, Toronto, Ontario