Have you ever double dipped in your life?

That statement can have so many meanings?

The first one that comes to my mind is “double dipping” a chip! Ever been at a function and you see someone doing it. I just want to reach out and grab their hand and tell them-you can not double dip.

In life are you double dipping not just a chip or two but other things that are much more meaningful?

Here are 5! I am sure you can think of a few that fit you! 

  1. Working double as many hours as you once did
  2. Eating double as much of the wrong kinds of foods
  3. Put on double the weight you were when you were in your twenties
  4. Drinking double the amount of alcohol as you once did 
  5. Spending double the amount of time watching the TV

As you sink your teeth into 2015, amazing how 6 weeks are history already, what permanent changes have you made?

I would like to know! Really I would. Thank you in advance for sharing!

Ps-If you are looking to make some permanent changes

to your health-May I suggest that you click the link below:


PPs-Remember as we age we choose the journey that awaits us, no blame, no victim card.The opportunity to have a healthy, wonderful life is your decision and no one else.