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The only way to great health is to ….


DIETS  … they never work !!!

You will discover 17 simple ways that will keep you healthy and out of the doctor’s office! This is a MUST read and packed full of great, practical tips that will keep you health

Joe Kasper is right on. Diets never work, it is about real food and real execise which can not be substituted. — Jorge Posada: All Star Catcher 2009 World Series Champion New York Yankees

Topics include:

  • The truth about the FDA.
  • Why leading national Diet Centers are complete scams.
  • The Physiology behind exercise.
  • How much protein does your body need.
  • Water, Water,Water
  • Cleansing your body.
  • Disease begins in your Dirty Mouth.
  • Stress is Killing you.
  • Those Crazy Hormones.
  • and much. much more!

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