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The Greatest Health Retreat in the World is located...
Bali, Fiji, Hawaii, Italy, New Zealand, Spain and St. Lucia

Actually it is None of them!!!



My name is Dr. Joe Kasper and over the past 30 plus years I have discovered that clients who sustain the most health benefits were not the ones who went to Health Retreats with all the bells and whistles!!

The key is to be in your environment: Home, Work, Recreation, Family, etc.I know most health professionals want you to come to them and have you part of a group!!

I 100% disagree with this method.

If you would like a permanent change, then the only way is one on one at your location!

P.S. No Destination too far!

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Rave Reviews

Carolyn Mathews - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma -  Age 53 - Entrepreneur
I can not say enough about Dr. Joe and what he has taught me about nutrition, vitamins, exercise, rehabilitation and mindset.  I now have more energy and less pain than I did 20 years ago.  I have my life back.

Rick Green - Clearwater, Florida - Age 68 - Accountant 
It has been an honor to work with Dr. Joe Kasper these past 3 years.  During that time I lost over 100 pounds and kept it off.  More importantly, I am now off the kidney transplant list.  My doctors are astonished.  My advise to anyone with any health issues that have not been solved, call Joe immediately!

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Clinical Nutritionist - Master Level Health Coach
Professional Vitamin & Supplement Formulator
Exercise Physiologist - Dynamic Keynote Speaker

Dr. Joe Kasper: 917-399-9754

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At the Kasper Institute, everything is personal.

Joe Kasper, Ph.D. created the institute with one simple goal in mind: to help people live their best lives through personalized, holistic health education programs.

In a time of unprecedented scientific research and advancements in technology, rates of illness and disease continue to rise.

Why? There’s usually not one single reason, but a number of factors that can often be demystified for clients through the customized program and product offerings of the Kasper Institute.

The way it all began

In 1996, Dr. Joe’s father had a massive stroke. Following three long months and every possible therapy, the health and medical professionals  caring for him informed the family that there was zero hope for progress or recovery.

Dr. Joe refused to accept the diagnosis, and took matters into his own hands. His customized food program, physical therapy, love and inspiration took his father from his deathbed to throwing out the ceremonial first pitch at a spring baseball game just one year later.

It was clear to Dr. Joe that the key to his father’s successful recovery was the one-on-one, individualized care that he implemented. This philosophy is the foundation that the Kasper Institute is built upon.