Health Retreat at the best location in the world...Your Home!

  Health Retreat

The Kasper Institute retreat experience is unlike any other. Clients work with Dr. Joe one-on-one in their home to transform their health.

Statistics prove that one-on-one training, coaching and mentoring provides 44% more retention than a group dynamic. Dr. Joe is committed to seeing results, and his individualized attention helps make it happen.

Dr. Joe brings a wealth of knowledge, combined with experience in every aspect of health care, from psychological to physical care...from alternative approaches to microscopic laboratory expertise.

No matter what your Nutrition concerns/needs/allergies: Dr. Joe has worked with those who have Gluten Issues, dairy allergies, food sensitives, Carnivores, Omnivories, Pescatarian, Vegans, Vegetarians, Raw Foodists, etc.

 Your age or condition make no difference. Dr. Joe Kasper will add quality years to your life. He has worked with clients from ages 4-94 during his career as a health professional. From Children, Teens, Athletes-Youth, High School, College and Professional, Stay at Home Moms, Dedicated Dads, Entreprenuers, Corporate Executives, 9 to 5 ers, 8 to 8 ers, Models, Baby Boomers, Middle Age as well as Seniors.

*Whether it is you, a loved one, a close friend, Dr. Joe puts his heart n sole into improving your health. Never, ever standing for the staus quo.

**All programs are customized to the clients environment, health condition, likes, dislikes, family and employment situation.

The one-of-kind Kasper Institute comes to you is for everyone, regardless of your current health condition, illness, disease, allergy or disability. Every program is customized to meet an individual's specific requirements. Dr. Joe is honored to attend to all your health needs, and will ensure that when he leaves, you will empowered with knowledge to last a lifetime!

The experience of a lifetime. Every health issue I have Dr. Joe addressed. He spent much more time with me than I ever expected. I could not believe that he took care of all of my nutritional needs. He spoke to me in real terms and taught me things about nutrition, chemicals, exercise that have changed my life. You rock Dr. Joe!

-Paul Fishkind, Orlando, Florida

The Kasper Institute is an amazing place. The clean air, the amazing food…Dr. Joe and his dedication to my health was amazing. My health is forever changed. Thank you Dr. Joe for giving me my life back!

-Linda Zalomek, Boston, Massachusetts