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WHAT IS the 22-Minute Workout?

The 22-Minute Workout, or “S.E.E.M.” stands for Slow, Effective, Exercise Movement and is an exercise protocol that minimizes your time exercising and maximizes your results! It’s safe, scientific, and effective. Listen to Dr. Joe Kasper on an interview about the 22-Minute Workout here.

You’ll see Visible Results in just 3 weeks.

The 22 Minute Workout is a simple and effective technique for all populations! CHILDREN, TEENAGERS, ADULTS, SENIORS.

It’s effective for ALL conditions: Obesity, Orthopedic injuries, Diabetes, Cancer, Stroke, Heart Condition, whatever your condition.

Stop Training with Multiple Sets!

1 set 1 total body routine is all that you need. The 22 Minute Workout, 2 times per week. 44 minutes, that’s it!

It’s the Science!

Basic Physics tells us that moving resistance slowly with no momentum or acceleration, muscle hypertrophy will occur in less time. Slow speed resistance training has been around for a long time but has been completely underutilized. The 22 Minute Workout, S.E.E.M., takes the basic concept of slow speed resistance training and takes it to a new level!

The S.E.E.M. Exercise Program will allow you to train slowly, safely, and easily with:

  • Free weights
  • Machines
  • Home gym equipment
  • Physio/Swiss ball
  • Therabands
  • Foam rollers
  • Medicine balls
  • Body weight

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